The Most Effective & Economical
Fuel Filter Water Separator
Manufactured Ever
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WPS 100
WPS 100 Tandem
WPS 100 Tandem
WPS 230
WPS 560 Fuel Filter & Water Separator
WPS 230 Tandem
WPS 230 Tandem
WPS 560
WPS 560 Tandem
WPS 560 Tandem
* Compatible with diesel, biodiesel and gas.
* Unique, Patented Filtration Technology
1. It will clean and improve your fuel system.
2. Extends the life of the engine, injection pump and injectors.
3. Combustion of the fuel would be much improved - which would lead to better fuel efficiency.
4. Will reduce exhaust emissions.
5. Reduces down time.
6. Will reduce consumption of standard engine fuel filters by more than 70-80%.
7. Major environmental benefit due to reduction in land fill.
WPS 560 Fuel Filter & Water Separator
WPS Series Fuel Filters & Water Separators
WPS 1120
Fuel Filter & Water Separator
WPS 1680
WPS 1120 Broşür
WPS 2240
WPS 1680
Fuel Filter & Water Separator
WPS 2240
Fuel Filter & Water Separator
MODEL WPS 1120 WPS 1680 WPS 2240
Giriş-Çıkış  Port 1" 1  1/2" 1  1/2"
Debi Miktarı max.1120 lt./ hr. max.1680 lt./ hr. max. 2240 lt./ hr.
Beygir Gücü max. 2400 HP max. 3600 HP max. 4800 HP
Su Separasyonı 100 % 100 % 100 %
Partikül Separasyonu 20 Micron 20 Micron 20 Micron
Boyutlar cm.
Uygulama Diesel,Biodiesel,benzin Diesel,Biodiesel,benzin Diesel,Biodiesel,benzin
WPS 1120_8 WPS 1120_1
WPS 2240
GFV den Önce GFV den Sonra
GFV den Önce GFV den Sonra
MODEL GFV 60 GFV 150 GFV 350
Giriş-Çıkış Port 1" 1" 2"
    Debi Miktarı max.3.600 lt./ saat max.9.000 lt./ saat max. 21.000 lt./ saat
Su Ayırma 99 % 99 % 99  %
Partikül Ayırma 70-80 Mikron 70-80 Mikron 70-80 Mikron
Boyutlar 120mm x 400mm 185mm x 450mm 185mm x 950mm
Why GFV?

If you use any type of diesel, you will need to prevent fuel contamination, which will harm your expensive machinery and can lead to breakdown problems which waste valuable time. Plant fitted with modern, high-pressure fuel injection systems are particularly vulnerable. Sand and grit are two main contaminants, but water can also be highly damaging, leading to performance and reliability issues. The GOO-FAR GFV iis designed to remove and protect your equipment from these hazards.
Biodiesel - increased usage, increased risk

By using cyclonic and capillary technology the incoming fuel is forced through the units internal baffle system which creates a swirling centrifugal action subjecting the fuel to a constant force, water and dirt being denser components will be separated from the lighter component of the fuel itself.
This is the first cleaning stage were the largest and heaviest impurities accumulate and descend into the lower collection chamber.
At the second stage the velocity of the fuel slows down allowing any free water and other impurities to maintain their mass preventing any emulsification within the fuel, these impurities fall out and sink into lower collection chamber and remain there until purged.
In the final stage fuel passes through a bifurcation process allowing small water droplets and particulate to be coalesced out of the fuel stream.
All these 3 stages are carried out simultaneously which results in clean fuel rising to the top of the unit ensuring a continuous supply of clean free fuel to your equipment.
Fuel Filters & Water Separators