FAQ About WPS Series Fuel Filters and Water Separators

What is the main difference of GOO-FAR Separators from all other separators??

Main difference is filter elemant which can be used for years without replacing .It is recleanable and reusable after a few minutes cleaning in fuel.

What are the filtering functions and capabilities?

GOO-FAR Separator eliminates all particules up to 20 microns ..and water % 100

Where must I install it in the engine and how?

It is a primary filter and separator which must be installed in a convenient place on the engine.

How often the filter element must be cleaned and how?

It depends on the fuel quality you use. But mainly eery 3-4 months period can be cleaned and used again for years.

What are the GOO-FAR Separator choose parameters?

You must choose the best GOO-FAR Separator depending on your engine power, flowrate of your fuel system.

Can I use it with all kinds of fuel?

Surely can be used for diesel, biodiesel, benzine fuels

What are the major effects to the performance of the engine?

Removing all contaminants, particules algae and water in your tank surely will improve the performans of your engine. The improvements will change depend on every different engne and fuel tank conditions. Please test all and inform us about the improvements.

How does it reduce the mainteneance and filter element costs?

Most used and known Separators use paper filter elements and must be used periodically forever. But GOO-FAR Separator has a reusable and recleanable filter element and can be used for years times and times more.

How does it 100 % eliminate the risk of stopping on the sea or road?

If water will be in your tank your filter element will fail…But GOO-FAR Separator has a reusable and recleanable filter element.. if water or some other dirt will come to your filter element or much water, you can just clean it and put it back to the separator… hundreds times… without needing a spare.

In which period, cost of the separator come back and saves money per year?

In 4-6 months of time depend on in which period you change your paper element. Maybe in 2 months maybe 4-6. But surely at the end of 6 months you will have % 50 economy and the initial cost of the GOO-FAR separator will be constant for years while separator with paper filter elements will accelerating filter element costs.
GOO-FAR Fuel Filters and Water Separators are compatible with all engines using diesel, biodiesel and gasoline. That means it doesn’t matter what engine you have. Just for example, you can use Goo-Far products with one of Volvo, Caterpillar, DAF, FIAT, Ford, CAT, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Renault, Scania, TEMSA, Detroit Diesel, Detroit Diesel Marine Power, Perkins Marine Power, Volvo Penta, Yanmar Marine engines.

System requirements are very simple.

An enough space to install it and an engine working diesel, biodiesel or gasoline. Then you will say farewell to replace fuel filter for years maybe for ever. That depends on you. You only need to clean the bowl when it’s full with the sediments and water.
* Compatible with diesel, biodiesel and gas.
* Unique, Patented Filtration Technology
The Most Effective & Economical
Fuel Filter Water Separator
Manufactured Ever
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